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We refer to our artificial nail services as 'Enhanced Nails" because we belive the nails should appear completely natural, complimenting your hands, nail shape and lifestyle. Truly beautiful artificial nails.

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ul. Belwederska 32 vis a vis Hotel Hyatt
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Warsaw, Poland, ul.Belwederska 32, vis a vis Hotel Hyatt

We are more than happy to welcome our client in our new manicure salon at Belwederska Street 32 / Mokotów / Warsaw.

We DO NOT use electric files, each nail is hand sculpted allowing us to achieve the most natural possible result.

Sculpted nails are created by applying a "nail form" under the tip of your natural nail. The nail technician sculpts the nail and free edge, forming the length and shape of an artificial nail.

What is Custom Blended Manicure?
This techinique can be used to create the perfect set of enhancements to compliment your skin tone and is created for you the individual.

Custom blending is fantastic to mask any inperfections on your nail plate, it can be used to extend your nail beds to make a sleeker looking nail enhancement, The custom blended manicure is Ideal for you, if you bite your nails ...yes thats right even nail biters can wear a lovely set of natural looking enhancements using this technique.
You may also find with this technique you will not require re-balances quite as often, (regular maintenence is still recommended to keep your nails in tip top condition).

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